In case of pollution ring 03000653000 and give his location SO 095 182 if you see an incident of pollution please take a picture with your phone, it may be needed to prove the incident took place.


Talybont is fishing extremely well at the moment especially with a good wind blowing, the trout seem to like to come to the surface in a good wave.   The reservoir should improve even more in the coming months with the caddis fly hatching off, the best time to fish is into the evening or when the day is very overcast/

Ceri Thomas of Fishtec fished Tal-y-bont reservoir  on October 16th to end the Stillwater trout season. 5 brownies were landed in a late afternoon session of a few hours at the top end, all on floating line, 20 foot long leader and red-head tadpole fly. Best fish was a magnificent 17 ½ inch cock fish, with the rest being 12 -13 inches. All returned to grow bigger for next season!

Istan Bognor fished last week in the evening and caught this lovely 2.8lb brown trout on a black and green goldhead.

Talybont Trout caught by Istavan Bognar using a black and green goldhead fly
Talybont Trout caught by Istavan Bognar using a black and green goldhead fly

The reservoir is situated close to Talybont on Usk and is run by Hamdden as a day ticket reservoir. The Association has taken out a yearly rental on the reservoir for members to fish on an ‘Any Day, Every Day’ basis. They must be possession of a full current club license and Environment Agency rod license.


  • 20th March – 17 October (inc)

waters_talybont_01Fishing Times

March 06:00 – 21:00
April 06:00 – 22:00
May 06:00 – 22:30
June 06:00 – 23:00
July 06:00 – 23:00
August 06:00 – 22:30
September 06:00 – 21:30
October 1st – 17th 06:00 – 20:30

waters_talybont_02Fish Limit

  • No brown trout to be killed, all brownies must be returned alive to the water.

Fishing Methods

  • Fly Fishing Only

waters_talybont_03Fishing Restrictions

  • No Fires
  • No Camping
  • No Swimming
  • No Dogs
  • NO FISHING is allowed off the dam

This is a fly only reservoir and only fly rods, fly reels, and lines are to be carried when fishing this reservoir.Talybont Trout

Further Information

The reservoir fishes best either early morning or evening into the dark. It will also fish well on a dark blustery rainy day with a good wave on (Silver Invicta time).

When water levels are high your back cast will be strictly limited and finding places where you can fish can be difficult. Also, during the summer, the weed growth can also restrict your fishing.

Early season will see black buzzers hatching off, this is then followed by Lake Olives at the end of April/May, and then the real fun begins with the sedge hatches during summer evenings. Due to the heavily wooded areas around the reservoir lots of terrestrials also get blown onto the water.

The trout in Talybont are mainly bottom feeders, usually feeding on cased caddis, and it takes a lot of insect activity to get the trout looking up.

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