Cantref Reservoir


Cantref  Reservoir is a FLY ONLY water holding a small amount of introduced Rainbow Trout and a natural head of Brown Trout. It is one of three reservoirs that were built in the early 1900’s to supply the City of Cardiff with water. It had a good reputation as a wild brown trout fishery until the demand for fishing saw it being turned into a stocked Rainbow fishery.

The Alliance has now reversed this with minimal stocking of Rainbow trout seeing an increase of the native brown trout once again.

The Reservoir is open all year round for fishing for Rainbow Trout.  The season for Brown Trout is 20th March until 17th October.  Please return any Brown Trout to the water.  Please use barbless hooks or hooks with the barbs crushed.

Flies for brown trout:  All the usual small black ones that go on our mountain lakes and the ones you used to catch fish on when fishing Welsh Mountain Lakes : Dawl Bach, Black and Peacock, Bibio, Zulu, Black Buzzers, Awl  as well as the Silver Invicta, Mallard and Claret and most of the reservoir flies that you would tend to use in Wales.

Location & Parking

Cantref Reservoir is located on the A470 between Merthyr Tydfil and Brecon. The reservoir will be on your left hand side travelling from Merthyr Tydfil. The Ordnance Survey reference for the Reservoir is 299659, 215425 at the Dam and 299320, 216311 at the neck.

Parking can be had either at the Dam, (you will need a key to open the barrier). You are not allowed to drive across the dam, parking is only permitted on the right hand side of the dam. Keys can be purchased from the Treasurer or from the Bait Shack Pontmorlias Merthyr Tydfil 077508239116.

Parking is also available at the lay by on the side of the A470  and at the lay by at the neck of the reservoir.