Brecon Canal

National Resources Wales has introduced a new telephone number for any one to report incidents of pollution or poaching, the old 0800 number will continue to work for some time yet.   The number is…………….. 03000653000

The Dell Management Challenge Charity Adventure Race will take place again this year on 1st October and as for the previous 8 years, the route will include the use of the Canal Towpath between Brecon Canal Basin and Talybont.

We have permission from Canal & Rivers Trust to run the Event again this year and they have asked us to let Canal boat Operators and Fishing Clubs know that the Event will be taking place.

Participants will be Canoeing between Brecon and Storehouse Bridge between 9.00am and 10.00am and running from Brecon to Talybont from 9.00am to 11.00am. No cycling by participants is being permitted on the towpath this year. Teams will leave at 3 minute intervals to minimise the impact on other users and all participants will be clearly briefed that they should keep to single file and give way at all times to members of the Public.

We will also be providing an Outrider ahead of the first team to ensure people know they are on the way and we will be sending a Litter and Sign Collection Team back through after the last team has finished on the towpath.

We do hope this will not inconvenience you in any way, we are keen to deliver this Charity Event with the minimum impact on other Canal Users. However, please do get in touch with us if you have any concerns or any questions.

Gary Evans
Event Director, Dell Management Challenge 2016
Hawk Associates
Hawk Adventures
01558 668878
07836 748752

Report by Peter Wesom on his fishing trip to the Brecon Canal 1st week of June

I can confirm that the canal at Brecon is in tremendous form. myself and Barry Carter fished appx 100yds down from wooden sculpure and had a lot of roach up to a 1lb Dace in excess of 8oz, 4 eels plus some small chub, i would estimate between us we would have had 30-40lb of fish. not bad for a canal. Fished red maggot over hemp and bread punch as a switch bait, the bigger roach came to a bunch of red maggot over hemp after feeding for 2+ hrs.

Day Tickets

  • Adult £3.50
  • Junior £2.00

Day Tickets can be purchased at Edwards Newsagents, 50 Watton, Brecon, LD3 7EG (Brecon Canal Permits only)

Telephone 01874 623304


All year round

Fishing Methods

All legal baits allowed

Area of the Canal MTAA Rents

Start at the canal basin in Brecon and ends at Pencelli Bridge Number 153

Fishing Restrictions

‘The Fishing’ means the sole right to fish in and at the Permitted Length of Canal and to catch and retain in keep nets the fish before returning them to the Waterway by means of a rod and line and pole fishing only.

BW hereby grants to the Licensees in their respective capacities as the officers of the Club the Fishing Rights for the benefit of themselves and all members for the time being of the Club and any Permitted Users ( Day Tickets) and for those purposes to pass and re-pass on foot only along the towing path of the Waterway.

This Licence is subject in all respects to:

  1. The full and free use by BW of the Waterway and towing path along the Permitted Length for the carrying on by BW of their undertaking in accordance with their statutory powers including winter stoppages emergency stoppages and work on adjacent land. You must if requested by a representative of BW move away from any area you are fishing.
  2. Utilise only such means of access to and egress from the Permitted Length along the towing path of the Waterway or other specified route as may be agreed from time to time by the appropriate BW Fisheries Representative Manager (who will not unreasonably with hold his consent to the use of additional access points proposed by the Licensees) And the licensees will use their best endeavours to ensure that all gates are closed when not in use for those purposes.
  3. You must read the waterways_code_leaflet (Adobe Reader required).
  4. Restrict fishing to the towing path side of the Permitted Length.
  5. You are not allowed, under any circumstances, to drive along the towpath or park in such a manner that you obstruct local residents access to their property.
  6. Not under any circumstances cut down or damage or cause or permit to be cut down or damaged any trees plants bushes or hedges or remove or cause or permit or suffer to be removed any turf soil clay sand or materials from the banks or towing path of the Waterway.

You must not actively obstruct or impede:

  1. navigation on the Waterway;
  2. the mooring of craft at locations designated by BW;
  3. the passage of other legitimate users along the towing path on the Permitted Length;
  4. interfere or cause or permit any interference with any works of BW or with any craft plant or equipment on the Waterway or the towing path;
  5. you must endeavour at all times to ensure that the terms of this Licence and the Waterway Code are strictly adhered to and that you comply at all times with BW’s byelaws applicable to the Waterway;

Prohibited Areas

  1. Fishing in a lock and within 25 meters of lock wall or moveable bridge used for navigation or as otherwise.
  2. Fishing within prohibited signed zones adjacent to overhead power lines; This is for your own safety.
  3. Trespass on any property adjoining the Waterway or cause annoyance or inconvenience to the owners or occupiers thereof.