Stuart Jarvis Keeper Glan Usk Estate (Retired)

It is with great sadness that the Association has  to tell you all that Stuart Jarvis the well known and respected Keeper who worked for many years on the Glan Usk Estate passed away of a heart attack last night. Stuart  was a member of Merthyr Anglers and many of us probably either knew him or would have heard of him over the years.
Our Sympathy goes out to his family.
May Newsletter
IMG_20160525_174732107 (1)
The litter shown in the picture was dumped in front of the gate to top pond, it was moved to the side of the gate by members of the Association who were going to top pond to empty the bins and do a litter pick around the pond, we could not remove it because we did not have the equipment or transport to move it to the council recycling centre.  If the person who dumped this rubbish was a resident of Merthyr Borough they will be paying (as we all do), via their council tax bill, to have this litter removed by the council employees.  There is no need to dump litter in this way when the council go out of their way to provide residents with ample facilitites to dispose of litter.