Thomas Phillips Carp League Change of Rules

After some careful consideration, and a number of conversations Tony Rees (MTAA Treasurer) and I have decided that we are opening up the Thomas Philips Carp league to anyone who wants to enter the league. Members and Non Members.

I can appreciate that some people may not be happy with this, but as far as I am concerned we are not receiving the support that we should from our members so I am changing the rules. This is something that has never been done before in the club and it is something that I feel is necessary to get the support that this league needs.

Tony and a number of other committee members have left it up to me to decide how to approach this. My decision is that we will not be asking anyone to purchase a day ticket for any of the comps that they enter. Instead I want each competitor to pay £5 for entry. I will then use that money towards prizes at the end of the year.

For more info please see our website ( or contact me personally through messenger or call me on 07495355853

Tom Jehu

Carp Competitions Secretary