Recently our Treasurer Tony Rees queried the reason why catch and release was imposed upon MTAA by Welsh Water.  The reply from Welsh Water below explains all.

We introduced catch and release only on our permits sold at Talybont and Beacons reservoirs with an aim of making the angling more sustainable. The same conditions are not directly transferable and applicable to your members or members of Osprey FF who have a lease on the Beacons reservoir as you have leases on the reservoirs which detail the conditions of your agreement.

To enforce catch and release on both clubs would require the change to be captured in your licence/lease and this was not the intention when we decided to move to catch and release for brown trout on permits sold by WW at our waters in the SE.

We would refer our members to the rules of the Association regarding the taking of trout the rules state “4 trout per rod per day”  size limit 10 inches, 25.4cm, tip of snout to tip of tail.  We would ask members to continue to practice catch and release on this wonderful reservoir, just taking the odd trout for the table.