Inaugural Fisheries Meeting – Report by Chris White

From Chris White.

I have attached my notes from the meeting there were lots of good things raised but converting these into actions may be a different thing. As soon as I have the formal minutes I will send them to you.  It remains to be seen what happens next.  I am working with John, Mike and Reuben on putting the final touches to our evidence for the inquiry, there is a pre meeting on 7 November but I cant go as I am at finally fit enough to fish and I am going to the Tweed for 3 days fishing (Thurs/Fri/Sat), John will attend the pre inquiry meeting.  I have included a flow chart I have produced for our evidence presentation and would be interested for any comments you may have on this diagram, the red areas should addressed but instead NRW has focused on the blue areas as we are an easy target which costs nothing..