Report on the Carp Leagues latest Competition

Report by Tom Jehu

After a very difficult few hours this morning, Shane McDonnell came 1st and I came 2nd on Cyfarthfa Lake for the 4th competition of the Thomas Phillips Memorial Carp league. We landed one fish each and no other fish were caught.

The fish that Shane landed was trailing around 60-65 yards of line. This caused a considerable amount of damage to the inside of the fishes mouth due to the rig going through one of the gill plates and snagging the fish in the lower jaw. The cut in its mouth was not bleeding but it was an open wound which required huge amount of carp care (almost a full bottle)

Can I please ask that those of you who are using these pre tied rigs, that I keep finding on the path around the lake, please take some time to watch some tutorial videos on YouTube on how to set up safely/properly or from now on people will be asked to leave our waters by the bailiffs for using shit set ups when there is no excuse for it. Tying good quality rigs is a huge part of fishing so please learn to do it! We, as a club, hold coaching sessions for those of you who are unsure of how to set up properly so there are no more excuses.

Rig checks are going to be carried out from now on while we are asking for your licences.

Thanks all