Release of Water into the River Usk by Welsh Water

Richard Allen of Welsh Water has advised us of the following

Due to the declining levels in the river Usk we are now instigating the regulation release from Usk reservoir.

We will be releasing water from the reservoir at a rate of 50 ML/d for regulation purposes. This water will be abstracted at our Prioress Mill pumping station.

Further information from Guy Mawle of the Usk and Wye Abstraction Group……..

This release is smaller than last year’s which was over 80Ml/d and will probably continue for some weeks. It will help support the level of Llandegfedd reservoir is advance of the shut down of pumping at Prioress Mill, Usk this summer while Welsh Water switches from the old to new station to enable them to operate under their new licence. There will still be abstraction by Welsh Water at Llantrisant further downstream.