National Resources Wales has introduced a new telephone number for any one to report incidents of pollution or poaching, the old 0800 number will continue to work for some time yet.   The number is…………….. 03000653000 if you see a pollution incident please take a photograph with your phone it may be needed to prove the incident took place.

map_pontsticilldolygaer_01Day Tickets



  • Coarse: All year
  • Pike: No closed season
  • Trout: 20th March – 17th October (inc)

waters_pontsticilldolygaer_01Fish Limit

  • 4 trout per rod, per day (size limit: 10″/25.4cms from tip of snout to tip of tail)

Fishing Methods

  • Fly Fishing
  • Worm
  • Artificial Spinner
  • Dead Sea Bait (for pike)

waters_pontsticilldolygaer_02Note: Maggots and cereal baits are permitted. The use of ground bait, loose bait, and swim feeders are the only baits allowed.

Only artificial spinners and sea fish baits are to be used for pike fishing. The use of a gaff is banned. No pike or coarse fish are to be removed from these waters.

Any person pike or carp fishing must be in possession of a large minimum 30” landing net and an unhooking mat. Carp must not be kept in keep nets or carp sacks except in bona fide competitions.

waters_pontsticilldolygaer_03When pike fishing the following equipment must be carried: Forceps, wire cutters, long handled pliers, wire traces must be used at all times.

All species of coarse fish to be returned to the lake unharmed.

Fishing Restrictions

  • Only one rod allowed for trout fishing
  • Only two rods allowed for coarse fishing
  • waters_pontsticilldolygaer_04No plastic bags, tins, swimming, live baiting
  • Bait Containers Only
  • NO FISHING is allowed off the dam or in front of the sailing club marker posts
  • When carp fishing you will need a landing net of at least 30”, and an unhooking mat.