National Resources Wales has introduced a new telephone number for any one to report incidents of pollution or poaching, the old 0800 number will continue to work for some time yet.   The number is…………….. 03000653000 if you see a pollution incident please take a photograph with your phone it may be needed to prove the incident took place.

The following report was sent in by Dave Brittian who fished the Mardy beat last weekend (25/26 June)

I had a good day on the Mardy at the weekend after diverting from the Taff which coloured up and became unfishable within an hour after heavy rain. I bumped into Nigel Morgan on the bank and he’d had four small fish when I spoke to him. He also pointed me in the right direction by highlighting a good run to try.
Within 10 minutes of starting I had a good fish measuring just short of 17 inches from the faster water at the bottom of the beat on Klink and Dink with both fish taking a 2.5mm gold headed size 14 flash back hares ear nymph.
I had 4 other fish, mainly small, working my way up the river until it I got to the area Nigel recommended where I caught another small fish at the bottom of the pool and then I hooked the best fish I have caught on the river in my half dozen visits. The picture doesn’t do the fish any justice. If I took a guess the first fish would have gone 1.75 lbs the second would have gone at least 2.5lbs possibly more. Both were slim big headed fish but the good news is that in my last few visits I’ve had all different sizes.
The week prior to this weekend when I spoke to you I had a nice fat fish which looked like a brown/rainbow hybrid with a lot of pink along the flank and tail. Not sure if there are any rainbows in the river but it looked more like a brown and was a good fish at close to 2lbs.
If you see or speak to Nigel please thank him for his advice on the glide where I caught my PB Usk trout. All fish returned. It’s a long drive from Taunton but I’m really pleased I decided to join the club.
Good trout caught by Dave Brittain

Good trout caught by Dave Brittain

Dave Brittain's Personal Best trout

Dave Brittain’s Personal Best trout

The Mardy beat fished very well today. Again, things started off slowly with very few fish seemingly interested in the few fly that were about.
This all changed though around 12pm, when a huge hatch of March Browns got underway. The hatch lasted unusually, for much longer than normal. I would say for the best part of an hour the surface was littered with hatching fly, certainly the biggest hatch I’ve witnessed for many a year. The fish responded, and were rising in great numbers. As you might expect, many fish were taken during the hatch. Either side of the main hatch, a good many too were taken on nymphs. All fish were in really good condition, which is always good to see. I’ve enclosed a few pics, will send some more when Terry gets them to me. Paul Jenkins

Mardy Map

Migratory fish catch for the last 10 years mardy 10 yr catch

In order to fish the Mardy Fishery for salmon, trout or coarse fish it is necessary to book in advance for the fishing.  Ring either of the numbers below

  • Tony Rees – 01685 723 520
  • Nigel Morgan – 01685 377 848

In case of pollution call 0800 80 70 60 and give one of these locations:

Entrance to Mardy SO 2573 1589, Mardy Farm SO 2621 1517, Sewerage Works SO 2626 1475, Outlet from Works SO 640 1475, Bottom of Beat SO 269 147

The Mardy fishery is situated above Abergavenny town and access to it is immediately off the A40 between Abergavenny and Crickhowell. This access is alongside the main road and is approximately half a mile from Pyscodlyn Farm (caravan sign) travelling towards Crickhowell.

Parking in immediately adjacent to the gateway which is signposted Merthyr Tydfil Angling Association. Do not block the gateway; do not park on the main road. When fishing at this beat, all anglers are to pull their cars as close to the bush as possible, leaving a suitable walkway for pedestrians.

One of the reasons we retain the booking system is that we are being increasingly asked to supply data on the use of our waters. Some of this data could be valuable in making claims for pollution, etc.