1st place Dawn Jones with 8Lbs 

one mirror carp one bream and some good size roach all caught on white maggot with pole, lost two large carp and a big bream on method feeder snapped at hook.

2nd place Kath Brown 6lb 8 oz one mirror and one bream caught on method feeder.
3rd place Janice Farr  1lb 9oz all caught with maggot on pole.
Tales from the pond
It was a cold one up on the top pond, all women chilled to the bone no more so than our Kath Brown who had a large carp on, Kath reckons it was a shark who swiped at her rod, kath then thought she was Tom Daley  but there was no grace in the dive she belly flopped with a large splash, she then had a go at over arm with her rod in hand back towards peg 17. unfortunately her padded suit weighed her down and she had to be pulled back in, her only concern was if the fish was still on. she walked away with  silver after the judges awarded her 5.5 each out of pity. The match finished half hour early so she could wring her self out.
Senior Match held at Pencelli on the Brecon Canal
1st Clive Jayne 1lb 12oz
2nd Brian Hayes 1lb 7oz
3rd Jason Woodford 14oz
Joint 4th: Dia Davies, Dia Cuzens and Bernie Farr with 4oz