National Resources Wales has introduced a new telephone number for any one to report incidents of pollution or poaching, the old 0800 number will continue to work for some time yet.   The number is…………….. 03000653000 if you see a pollution incident please take a photograph with your phone it may be needed to prove the incident took place.

kemeys 10 yr catch

Please be aware that John the farmer has installed Solar Panels in the fields ajacent to the farm and site traffic to the panels can occur at any time so anglers please be careful when walking down to and from the river.

It is necessary to book in advance to fish the Kemeys beat by ringing either of the following people

  • Nigel Morgan – 01685 377 848
  • Tony Rees – 01685 723 520

In case of pollution call 0800 80 70 60 and give one of these locations: Top of Beat SO 3433 0416, Middle at end of Lane SO 3476 0387, Bottom of Beat SO 3524 0384 

This fishery is situated above Usk town and access to it is from the B4598 between Abergavenny and Usk, signposted ‘Kemeys Commander ¼ mile’. A tarmac lane leads to Lower House Farm and parking is only allowed in the lay-by on the road leading to the farm. No vehicle is allowed to park past the notice at the end of the lay-by.

The public right of way to the river gives access to the beat, which is 1,070 yards long and is the left hand bank facing downstream. At the junction of the public right of way on the river, the angler has fishing for two fields upriver, and one and a half fields downriver to the large clump of willows at the end of the walkway.

One of the reasons we retain the booking system is that we are being increasingly asked to supply data on the use of our waters. Some of this data could be valuable in making claims for pollution, etc.

This beat is for members and paying guests only. The availability to take a Guest will be decided when a request is made. Members can also take paying Guests on the Mardy. Should you wish to take a guest, please contact one of the booking contacts detailed above.

Please note: Over the years we have had complaints from the syndicate on the other bank regarding alleged intrusion onto their fishing. If you are accused or challenged on any aspect please contact a member of the Committee as soon as you can.

Kemys Map