Jordan Pearson and Luke Ashley braved the weather to fish Top Pond today Friday 8 Apr.    Jordan landed 4 carp, 2 common carp weighing 5lb and 8lb, a mirror carp of 6lb and a leather carp of 5lb.   Luke 1 common carp and 4 mirror carp.   Dave Cousins was practicing for the match on Sunday (draw at 8.30am) on Tuesday he landed 3 carp and 6 bream, today he landed 4 carp and 3 bream.

Malcolm Williams fished the park on Tuesday from 4pm until 7pm and caught 3 bream all about 3/4lb.   His chosen bait was sweetcorn, he said that he had to be very patient because bites were few and far between and the only bites he had he managed to land.

The River Usk at Mardy is fishing well at the moment and the March Brown is hatching.   This fly was also seen on the River Taff for the first time in the Troedyrhiw area.   Ron Jones was not sure if they were March Browns so he caught 2 and took them home to check and reported that they were, which is very good news for the River Taff.

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