NRW have been asked to pass on the Consultation of the river coarse fishing close season currently being done by Environment Agency.  The indications are that which ever of the 3 options is favoured by EA England then NRW Wales will also adopt that option.   If you have any thoughts on the 3 options please let EA England know via the link below

We are consulting on the future of the statutory coarse fishing close season on rivers in England. 

You will be aware we have examined the evidence around the river coarse fishing close season and, earlier this year, surveyed anglers’ opinions on retaining, changing or removing the close season. We agreed with England Fisheries Group to consult more widely with the angling community. 

We are consulting on three options: 

  • Retain the current coarse fish close season on rivers – 15 March to 15 June;
  • Retain a close season, but change the duration – 15 April to 30 June;
  • Remove the close season altogether. 

The consultation will be online for 8 weeks from today (14 January) to 11 March 2019. It can be accessed at We also have arrangements to receive for email and postal responses. 

We are issuing a press release today (14 January) and notifying online licence buyers via our January e-newsletter. We will also post on social media. We are writing to national fisheries, wildlife and other partner organisations and have asked our area teams to publicise locally with clubs, fisheries and others. I would be grateful if you are also able to publicise through your own channels. I have attached a short briefing note, including some questions and answers. 

Once the consultation closes, we will collate and report the results. We anticipate a healthy responses, so this may take some time. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Lidgett at or on 0203 025 4614.