Senior Competition 27 May

This competition was held at Redhill fishery on Mollys pond.

1st was David Davies with 104lb

2nd was David Couzens with 97lb

3rd was Mark Sweeney with 93lb

4th John Combs 84lb

The next competition is on the Brecon Canal downstream of Brynach Locks the otherside of the aquaduct

Release of Water from Usk Reservoir for 10 days from 31 May 2018

For information and dissemination

Richard Allen (Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water) tells me that they are planning to release a large volume of water from Usk reservoir from Thursday onwards: ‘We need to drop the reservoir level to allow essential work to be carried out so we will be releasing around 180 Ml/d for around 10 days.‘ I understand that this will be abstracted at Prioress Mill, Usk town but it will boost flows through most of the river, substantially so in the upper and middle reaches.
He also said that due to the ongoing works for the new pumping station at Prioress Mill, Welsh Water will not be abstracting its full licensed capacity at Usk.

Removal of Merthyr Vale Weir

On the 29th May 2018, NRW, will begin the removal of Merthyr Vale Weir.   This will reduce the flood risk to the area and will provide greater development opportunities. NRW will also ensure that flood risk is not increased elsewhere by the work.

The weir at Merthyr Vale is a barrier to fish that migrate up the River Taff to spawn and produce juvenile fish, which helps boost stocks.

NRW will demolish the weir and remove the obstruction which will also improve angling opportunities by enhancing the quality and availability of fish in the river.

Over the last 15 years, NRW and their partners have invested millions of pounds to improve river habitats so they can support greater populations of native fish such as salmon, trout, eels and bullheads and improve the Ecological Status of the Taff under the Water Frame Work Directive.

The weir is the last remaining significant barrier and last impediment to realising the benefits of the work completed to date.

The work will begin on 29th May 2018 and take about 12 weeks to complete

Thomas Phillips Carp League Change of Rules

After some careful consideration, and a number of conversations Tony Rees (MTAA Treasurer) and I have decided that we are opening up the Thomas Philips Carp league to anyone who wants to enter the league. Members and Non Members.

I can appreciate that some people may not be happy with this, but as far as I am concerned we are not receiving the support that we should from our members so I am changing the rules. This is something that has never been done before in the club and it is something that I feel is necessary to get the support that this league needs.

Tony and a number of other committee members have left it up to me to decide how to approach this. My decision is that we will not be asking anyone to purchase a day ticket for any of the comps that they enter. Instead I want each competitor to pay £5 for entry. I will then use that money towards prizes at the end of the year.

For more info please see our website ( or contact me personally through messenger or call me on 07495355853

Tom Jehu

Carp Competitions Secretary

Senior Coarse and Carp Competition Results – Carp Away Trip

The senior coarse anglers fished Cyfarthfa Park lake on Sunday 13 May, it was a very tough day with mainly bream being caught.

1st with 4 bream Steve Hall with 14lbs 2oz

2nd with 4 bream Clive Saunders with 7lbs 10 oz

3rd was Dave Couzens with 7lb 10oz

4th John Coombs with 3lbs


Senior Carp League Report and Results

We had the second competition of the Thomas Phillips memorial carp league today. A very disappointing turn out again with only three competitors including myself.

Thanks to Shane Mac and Kirk Roberts for turning up. A very difficult day with the fish starting to spawn and also the weather didn’t help either.

Kirk was the winner today with 1 fish weighing 9lb 10oz. Shane came second with 1 fish weighing 8lb 13oz.

We all agreed prior to fishing that we would finish the comp early since Kirk needed to be gone before 15:00. We finished at 14:30.

Shane and I are continuing to fish until 18:00 as that was the original plan, but we are no longer fishing the competition. Since 14:30 Shane has landed another 2 fish and I have also landed 2 now. Shame they didn’t come along a little earlier! 😂

Request from Tom Jehu regarding the next carp competition

I need to start getting some names of people who are interested in fishing the next competition of the Thomas Phillips Memorial carp league on the 9th – 10th June.

The next comp will be our first away trip of the year. We will be fishing at The New Celtic Lakes on Lake 2 for a 24hr session. The price for each person is £30 and I will need that money from everyone within the next 2 weeks.

I will not be booking the pegs on the lake unless I receive people’s deposits!

Spread the word please guys as we really want a crowd of you there and anyone who needs to get a lift can contact me and I’m sure we can arrange to fit you in 👍

NRW Press Release Regarding Salmon Catch and Release

This is an Natural Resources Wales press release today

New fishing byelaws have been proposed which will make it mandatory for fishermen to release all salmon caught in Welsh rivers.

The procedures for introducing new byelaws are protracted and Natural Resources Wales wishes to avoid uncertainty for fishermen by delaying implementation of approved new measures until the 2019 fishing season.

The proposed all Wales byelaws, which include restrictions on fishing methods to help the survival of released fish and reduced net fishing seasons, are currently being considered by Welsh Government.

Dave Mee, Senior Fisheries Advisor for NRW, said:

“At the moment timescales for a decision are uncertain, so we are proposing that introduction of any new measures should be postponed until the beginning of the 2019 rod and net seasons.

“We hope this will help clarify the situation for anglers, netsmen, fishery owners and clubs and associations.”

Welsh salmon stocks remain in a perilous condition. Although the mandatory catch and release proposals have proved unpopular with anglers, NRW firmly believes that they, along with other measures such as tackling agricultural pollution, improving water quality and managing the potential threats from predators are vital for the future survival of these iconic fish.

Peter Gough, Principal Fisheries Advisor for NRW added:

“This delay is a pragmatic solution to resolving current uncertainty.

“However, it is important to note that this does not mean there will be further debate on the subject as NRW has concluded its position and the case for further controls has been made and presented to Welsh Government and it remains unchanged.

“Protection of the breeding resources of these wonderful fish is a fundamental part of our work to manage this important natural resource sustainably.”

Catch and release

This season, fishermen are again being asked by NRW to practice full restraint and ensure conservation of fish stocks by voluntarily releasing all the salmon they catch in 2018.

Dave explained:

Our salmon stocks are in serious trouble and have fallen to historically low levels and the same is true of about half of our sea trout stocks.

“Neither species can sustain uncontrolled killing of fish and so we are again asking all anglers to release all of their salmon.

“Most anglers are already voluntarily releasing the fish they catch, but some are not. We feel the situation is now so serious for salmon that we must ask all anglers to help preserve as many fish as possible by returning all their salmon.

“It’s also very important to take great care of returned fish. Fishing methods and tackle should be used that ensure fish have a high probability of survival, they should always be kept in the water while unhooking to ensure they can swim away strongly.”


Middle Pond Competition Sunday 22nd April – Updated

On a  damp blustery day Mark Sweeney fished from peg 1 and landed 29lbs 4oz of carp and bream, second was Dia Davies who landed 2 bream for 9lbs 4oz and joint 3rd were Dia Couzens and  Gentleman Jim Howells with 1lb 3oz.  The next Competition is on Cyfarthfa Park Lake on 13th May

Mark Sweeney’s winning net of fish

Dia Odd Socks 2nd place winning bream

Carp League Result and News of Fish Migration Day

Our inaugural carp competition took place today 15th April.  Many carp anglers had promised to come and fish but unfortunately only a few turned up.   Nonetheless the competition went ahead.   Before the competition began it was agreed that all bream would count with a weight of 6oz regardless of size.

1st Sheila Maynard 5lb 14oz 1 Carp + 1 Bream

Joint 2nd Tom Jehu and Shane McDonnall 5lb 6oz  1 Carp + 1 Bream

4 Anglers fished

Next Competition will take place on 13th May at Cyfarthfa Park Lake


Talybont Catch and Release Rescinded

Recently our Treasurer Tony Rees queried the reason why catch and release was imposed upon MTAA by Welsh Water.  The reply from Welsh Water below explains all.

We introduced catch and release only on our permits sold at Talybont and Beacons reservoirs with an aim of making the angling more sustainable. The same conditions are not directly transferable and applicable to your members or members of Osprey FF who have a lease on the Beacons reservoir as you have leases on the reservoirs which detail the conditions of your agreement.

To enforce catch and release on both clubs would require the change to be captured in your licence/lease and this was not the intention when we decided to move to catch and release for brown trout on permits sold by WW at our waters in the SE.

We would refer our members to the rules of the Association regarding the taking of trout the rules state “4 trout per rod per day”  size limit 10 inches, 25.4cm, tip of snout to tip of tail.  We would ask members to continue to practice catch and release on this wonderful reservoir, just taking the odd trout for the table.

Support Required Please

The following has been taken from the Sea Trout Fishing Forums.

The Association will be sending in some funding but we would like members to support this by sending us an amount they can afford, £ 1, £ 2, £ 3, £ 4, £ 5, Every little helps we must challenge this as it is now obvious that the present system relied on BY Natural Resources Wales for assessing Salmon stocks is not only flawed but bordering as they say in Parliament  to be polite: Sir you are a stranger to the Truth.

A Challenge to NRW/EA/CEFAS Stock Assessments – Support Needed!

A group of us in North Wales have been working closely with the NWATFCC (North West Angling Trust Fisheries Consultative Committee) in order to challenge NRW’s Stock Assessment and Reporting and resulting river classifications. Senior NRW Fisheries Staff seem unable to explain with clarity a number of key areas but will use the defence that they are using the same methodology as the rest of the UK.
To that end it is vital that any challenge is done on a joint basis with NWATFCC who are challenging the Environment Agency in England over precisely the same issue. A meeting took place in Lancaster on Wednesday 7th March between NWATFCC, the Angling Trust and the EA, at which Senior EA Fisheries Officers were unable to validate their data. As a result a suitably qualified statistician has now been employed by NWATFCC in order to:

• provide an independent evaluation of the validity and efficiency of the England & Wales national river stock status classification model for salmon
• review alternate models that can provide accurate historic stock attainment trend performance

The timescale for completion is three to four weeks. Whilst there can be no cast iron guarantees of success, this is fully supported by Mark Lloyd of the Angling Trust and we strongly believe that this has to be done, since if the EA/NRW model is declared invalid by an independent source, the whole case for the introduction of the Proposed Byelaws is undermined. We have also written to the Cabinet Secretary, Lesley Griffiths, to inform her of this action.
It would be unfair for our colleagues in England to bear the full cost of employing a qualified statistician, when we would stand to benefit from any findings which would support our challenge. A contingency fund of £5,000 is being raised, of which a Welsh fisheries contribution of £1,500 is suggested. To that end we are asking for contributions to establish that fund, which Mark Lloyd has kindly agreed to hold through the Angling Trust, ring-fenced for this specific brief. As a guide we are suggesting a contribution of £100 from Angling Clubs and £10 from individuals, although larger or smaller amounts would be gratefully accepted!

1. Cheques should be made payable to Merthyr Tydfil Angling Association who will forward all proceeds to Angling Trust.
2. Cheques should be posted to: Anthony Rees Treasure, Merthyr Tydfil Angling Association, 13 Alexandra Avenue, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glam, CF47 9AE if you send your e:mail you will have a response by return. See below any unused funds will be used by AT/FL
We appreciate that this is very short notice however these are extraordinary times for game angling in Wales and that requires an extraordinary response.

Whilst the immediate aim of this money is to fund the independent statistician, after all payments have been met, we have requested that any residual funds be used by the Angling Trust/ Fish Legal to support campaigns which are beneficial to angling in Wales.

Please support this cause as well as making your colleagues and contacts aware of this action.
Thank you.

This appeal is for Fish Legal Angling Trust and any monies collected will be sent to them

The Association is sending this as we will not divulge our members’ personal details to anyone.

2018 Rod Licence

Its that time of year again when we have to renew our rod licences.  You can do so by following this link  this link should take you to the Governments licence pages.  Just follow the instructions to obtain your licence.  If you have to pay a fee for your fishing licence you are on the wrong website and we cannot be held responsible for that.


Licence type Trout and coarse 2-rod Trout and coarse 3-rod Salmon and sea trout
1-day £6 Not available £12
8-day £12 Not available £27
12-month £30 £45 £82
12-month – over 65 or disabled £20 £30 £54
12-month – junior (13 to 16) Free Free Free

New Keep Wales Tidy newsletter launched! Lansio cylchlythyr newydd Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus!

We wanted to let you know that we’ve launched a new Keep Wales Tidy e-newsletter (see below) – keeping everyone up to date with the very latest news and events, not to mention the different ways people can get involved with our work. You’ll find our first edition below.

We’re keen to spread the word and are encouraging all of our volunteers, Green Key sites, Green Flag sites, Eco-Schools to subscribe to the newsletter.

Because we value your support and are committed to protecting your privacy, we wanted to give you the option to sign up. All you need to do is complete this short online form.

We promise to never pass your information to other organisations and you’ll have the option to unsubscribe with every email you receive.

We hope you enjoy.

Mae 2018 yn flwyddyn bwysig i Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus ac rydym yn llawn cyffro wrth lansio ein cylchlythyr i’ch helpu chi i gael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am ein gwaith.  

Einhuchelgais yw y bydd 2018 – Blwyddyn y Môr yng Nghymru – yn drobwynt yn y frwydr yn erbyn sbwriel morol. Byddwn yn gweithio gyda Llywodraeth Cymru a sefydliadau ar draws pob sector i fynd i’r afael â’r mater trwy weithredu ymarferol, addysg ac ymgyrchoedd.

Gall pawb chwarae rhan i wneud gwahaniaeth cadarnhaol a pharhaus i’n hamgylchedd morol. Ymunwch â ni i ofalu am ein harfordir.

Lesley Jones
Prif Weithredwr

2018 marks a big year for Keep Wales Tidy and we’re excited to be launching our newsletter to help you keep up-to-date with our work.  

Our ambition is that 2018 will also mark a turning point in the fight against marine litter. We’ll be working with Welsh Government and organisations across all sectors to tackle the issue through practical action, education and campaigns.

Everyone can play their part to make a positive and lasting difference to our marine environment. Please join us in caring for our coast.

Lesley Jones
Chief Executive

Gwanwyn Glân Cymru, 1-4 Mawrth: arwyr yn ymgynnull!
Spring Clean Cymru, 1-4 March: heroes assemble!

Mae sbwriel morol yn berthnasol i fwy na chymunedau arfordirol yn unig – mewn gwirionedd, daw 80% o weddillion morol o ffynonellau ar y tir. Dyma pam yr ydym yn galw ar bobl ar hyd a lled Cymru i ddod ynghyd i’n helpu i lanhau ein gwlad.

Mae Gwanwyn Glân Cymru’n dechrau ar Ddydd Gŵyl Dewi ac rydym eisoes wedi cael ymateb rhagorol gan fusnesau, ysgolion, grwpiau cymunedol a sefydliadau eraill. Gyda’n gilydd, gallwn greu newid.

Canfyddwch sut y gallwch gymryd rhan

The issue of marine litter isn’t just relevant to coastal communities – in fact 80% of marine debris is from land-based sources. That’s why we’re calling on people across Wales to come together and help us clean up our country.

Spring Clean Cymru kicks off on St David’s Day and we’ve had a fantastic response from businesses, schools, community groups, and other charities. Together we can create change.

Find out how you can get involved

30 mlynedd o’r Faner Las yng Nghymru 
30 years of Blue Flag in Wales

Mae eleni’n fwy arbennig byth am ei bod yn nodi 30 mlynedd o’r Faner Las yng Nghymru.  Am dri degawd, mae rhaglen ryngwladol y Faner Las wedi helpu i godi safonau amgylcheddol i’r lefel uchaf.

I ddechrau ein dathliadau, rydym wedi lansio adroddiad newydd yn dangos pwysigrwydd y Faner Las i ymwelwyr a busnesau.

Mae dros 96% o bobl yn ymwybodol o raglen y Faner Las, gyda 90% yn deall bod y wobr yn golygu glendid, diogelwch ac ansawdd dŵr. Mae mwyafrif helaeth y busnesau yng Nghymru hefyd o’r farn bod y Faner Las yn cael effaith gadarnhaol.

Darllen yr adroddiad llawn

This year is even more special as it marks 30 years of Blue Flag in Wales. For three decades, the international Blue Flag programme has helped raise environmental standards to the highest level.

To kick off our anniversary celebrations, we’ve launched a new report showing the importance of Blue Flag to visitors and businesses.

More than 96% of people are aware of the international Blue Flag programme, with 90% understanding the award stands for cleanliness, safety and water quality. Businesses in Wales also overwhelmingly consider Blue Flag to have a positive impact.

Read the full report

Ein hymagwedd
Our approach 

Eisiau canfod mwy am ein cynlluniau i’r dyfodol?
Lawrlwythwch ein Strategaeth Gorfforaethol

Want to find out more about our plans
for the future?
Download our Corporate Strategy

Petition against NRW

Following a meeting with their local AM, Betws Anglers were advised to raise a petition against the decision making process used by Natural Resources Wales during the proposed bylaw consultation.
A petition has now been raised by Betws AC, and is now live. The petition can be found at . We need as many anglers as possible to support this.
This is a Welsh Government petition and depending on the support it receives will be considered by the WG petitions committee, this could result in a public inquiry on the way the proposed NRW fisheries bylaws consultation has been conducted.
We need your support please forward this to as many anglers as possible – there are 4800 migratory fish licence holders in Wales and many more who fish Welsh rivers but live in England, we need them all to support us.