1. minimum 42″ Net for every competitor
  2. Everyone MUST have a padded unhooking mat or cradle, no exceptions
  3. Each competitor must have a carp care kit
  4. A suitable Weigh/Retention Sling with a zip is a MUST for handling fish and for weighing all fish. Mesh bags are not acceptable
  5. Barbless hooks only
  6. 1oz lead restriction. (only applies on Cyfarthfa Park)
  7. Bite alarms with a receiver are a MUST when fishing away competitions
  8. All fish caught by ALL competitors must be Weighed with a witness present.  That witness MUST sign your competition sheet.
  9. No Feeder Rods Allowed. CARP FISHING EQUIPMENT ONLY

Please be mindful that when we fish away comps we will have to follow the specific rules to the lakes chosen and it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THESE RULES PRIOR TO FISHING.

Contact Competition Sec  Tom Jehu on 07495355853 if you have any queries

Sunday7th AprilCyfarthfa Park LakeStart 8am Finish 5pm
Sunday5th MayTop Pond Pen-y-WernStart 8am Finish 5pm
Sunday2nd JuneCyfarthfa Park LakeStart 8am Finish 5pmJunior Winner Connor Cook 5lb 8oz
Senior Winner Tom Jehu 67lb 8oz
Sunday14th JulyTop Pond Pen-y-WernStart 8am Finish 5pmJunior Winner
Connor Cooke 7lb 12oz
Senior Winner
Tom Jehu 37lb 10oz
Sunday4th AugCyfarthfa Park LakeStart 8am Finish 5pmTom Jehu 28lb 4oz (3 Carp)
Junior Winner Dylan Bently 19lbs (2 Carp)
Sunday8th SeptemberCyfarthfa Park LakeStart 8am Finish 5pmTom Jehu Senior overall winner
Connor Cooke Junior Overall Winner