We know that many members fish for bass, the following is the result of a recent meeting in Europe.

Council agreement on 2018 fishing opportunities secured at 07:40 (CET)
Its been a gruelling night of negotiations with the Commission plus work to find common ground with the French and Dutch delegations on sea bass. The UK team has worked really effectively together to push the case for more proportionate measures based on good science. Having started the night with a stark outlook for Wales we are delighted to be able to share good news on our priorities for 2018.
Final compromise:
Sea bass


  • Gill nets – 10 months of 1.2 tonnes per year (Wales’ red line: 1 tonne)
  • Hooks / line – 10 months of 5 tonnes per year (Wales’ red line: 4 tonnes)
  • Recreational – 12 months catch and release (but with possibility to authorise a bag limit of one in July and Aug in the light of benchmarking in early 2018)


Also after ICES benchmark exercise in 2018, the Commission will consider if there is a basis for reviewing the measures in place for sea bass and allowing for any landings of sea bass in recreational fisheries.
Good news on other stocks of interest


  • 15% increase in TAC for skates and rays
  • increases in quota for cod and plaice in the Irish sea
  • increases in quota for sole and cod in the Bristol channel

Below is the full report (use arrows at bottom left hand to turn pages)

EU fisheries policy 2018 (1)