All Wales Salmon Bye-law proposals: announcement of a Local Inquiry

The Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths AM has now agreed the next steps in relation to the proposed ‘All Wales’ rod and net fishing byelaws 2017, which were submitted to Welsh Government for confirmation on 20 February 2018.

The Cabinet Secretary announced her conclusion that given “the level of response to the consultation, the number of outstanding objections to the byelaw proposals and the nature of the correspondence” it is “the most appropriate course of action to conduct a Local Inquiry which will allow independent scrutiny of NRW’s proposals.”

The Planning Inspectorate Wales has therefore been asked to initiate a Local Inquiry under the Water Resources Act 1991. At the conclusion of the Inquiry, the Planning Inspector will make a recommendation to Welsh Ministers, which will inform their final determination of the application for confirmation of the byelaws.

The Planning Inspectorate is currently contacting all those who responded to the consultation, giving further details of the Local Inquiry and what responders need to do if they wish to attend, by the 19th September.

When the details of the Inquiry (date and venue) are confirmed, we will advertise the details and update our stakeholders approximately six weeks before the Inquiry. We welcome the opportunity to present our case and evidence to the Inquiry.

The above is from NRW. Below is a explanation from the group fighting this proposal, led by Chris White….MTAA are in agreement that Chris White represents us during the inquiry

Many of you who objected to the NRW consultation may already have received a copy of this email asking you to respond to three questions:

1) I have nothing further to submit and do not wish to attend the inquiry.

2) I wish to attend the inquiry, but do not wish to speak.

3) I wish to attend the inquiry and present evidence to the Inspector.

Question 1 will mean your response to the consultation will be read by the inspector and taken at face value; your objections won’t be ignored.

Question 2 means that you just wish to observe the way the inquiry is handled; your objections will have been taken note of as per question 1.

Question 3 enables you to attend the inquiry and present your objections to the inspector; you can submit additional evidence to that contained in your original objections submitted as part of the consultation.  The inspector will question you about your evidence and you will have an opportunity to explain your concerns.

In terms of CPWF we intend to respond to question 3 and as such we will be representing our supporters but for us to do this we need your agreement to this, this wont stop you from also presenting your own evidence or attending the inquiry.  We will be working with the Angling Trust in presenting evidence to ensure that we present the same message; we can’t afford to be seen as fighting between ourselves.  You will note that there is a short deadline (two weeks i.e. 19 Sept) to respond to the above questions, this is not the time scale for submitting your evidence we wont know that until they have assessed how many people will attend and want to present their objections but our expectations is this will be a short timescale.  It was interesting to hear at our Gwynedd LFG meeting yesterday that NRW had been in contact with the Planning Inspectorate last Friday with the email from the Minister being sent to all AM’s on the Monday it seems that our lobbying via AM’s has put pressure the Minister to take note of what we have been saying.  The Minister did not have an option as objections had not been with drawn and as such she could not make a decision.  We were advised at yesterdays LFG meeting that there will be a press statement from NRW shortly.  We still have a fight on our hands and it is essential that we present objective evidence and workable solutions to the inspector as he/she can only make a judgement on the evidence presented from both sides.  The good news is we know what NRW will be submitting, things have moved on since the consultation and we now have further evidence to present which may sway things in our favour, we cant afford to loose.

Can you confirm that you agree that CPWF can represent you at the inquiry keeping in mind that this does not remove your option to attend or present evidence individually.