Cutting the lilies in front of the grass bank

Whilst the work was continuing on the park walls to make them leak proof, a small work party was convened to trim the lilies in front of the grass bank.  The lilies had spread which made fishing extremely difficult from these pegs.   The Alliance had purchased a specialist cutter which is designed to cut weeds in lakes ponds and rivers and it was put to good use and amazed the guys using it on how efficient it was.  Below is a gallery of the work being carried out.



Release of Water into the River Usk by Welsh Water

Richard Allen of Welsh Water has advised us of the following

Due to the declining levels in the river Usk we are now instigating the regulation release from Usk reservoir.

We will be releasing water from the reservoir at a rate of 50 ML/d for regulation purposes. This water will be abstracted at our Prioress Mill pumping station.

Further information from Guy Mawle of the Usk and Wye Abstraction Group……..

This release is smaller than last year’s which was over 80Ml/d and will probably continue for some weeks. It will help support the level of Llandegfedd reservoir is advance of the shut down of pumping at Prioress Mill, Usk this summer while Welsh Water switches from the old to new station to enable them to operate under their new licence. There will still be abstraction by Welsh Water at Llantrisant further downstream.

Love Flows – World Fish Migratory Day


Dear migratory fish friends,
We are officially ONE YEAR away from the next World Fish Migration Day!
And we already have ONE HUNDRED events! Hooray!!! To celebrate this, we have launched the Love Flows documentary on our YouTube and Facebookchannels! Have you seen it??We are excited for our World Fish Migration Day family to watch this film. We think it provides an educational message about the state of our rivers and fish populations and also gives hope for a future full of migratory fishes. Feel free to share with colleagues, friends, family and host screenings! Actually, at the launch time of 0800 GMT +12, the Department of Conservation New Zealand hosted a live stream screening! We are honoured by your enthusiasm to celebrate with us.
Thanks to everyone that helped to make this film possible including the award-winning director, Francisco Campos-Lopez. Without all of your support, we could not be where we are today. We hope this excites you to celebrate World Fish Migration Day again on May 16th, 2020 and look forward to all of the awesome, inspiring events!

Charity Walk along the towpath

On Sunday 19th May if you are fishing the canal be aware that a charity walk will be taking place from the canal basin to Llangatock.  A lot of people could be passing you along the towpath.



Senior Competitions

Our Comp Sec Doug has been in contact with Jess the Comp Sec of Rhymney Anglers.   This has come about after Jess asked us if we would like a comp against Rhymney on a home and away basis.  This is still to be arranged.  However, in the mean time, Jess has asked if any of our anglers would like to fish with Rhymney they have a competition on Molly’s on Sunday and should you wish to, you may just turn up and fish with them