Senior Competition Middle Pond Sunday 26 Aug 18

5 Anglers sat by the side of Middle Pond on Sunday in torrential rain hoping for a bite.  Dia Davies managed 2 a small roach and a larger carp for a winning weight of 7lbs, second with a bag of small roach and perch was Jim Howells with 2lbs 2oz and in 3rd place was Mark Sweeney with 2lbs.

Senior Coarse Competition held on Sophie’s Pool Redhill Fishery 19/8/18 and Junior Match held on Molly’s Pool on Sat 18/818

Wow what a Fishery Redhill is, especially Sophie’s Pool.  Once again lots of personal bests were achieved.  The result was

1st Rhys Evans with 267lbs 8oz a new personal best

2nd Dia Davies with 210lbs a new personal best

3rd Mark Sweeney with 167lbs 12 oz

3 more anglers achieved weights of over 100lbs for MTAA an excellent club achievement. next competition to be held on Sunday 26th Aug on Middle Pond


On the Saturday Merthyr Juniors were treated to a day out on Molly’s pool at Redhill fishery the weather remained fine for them. Hopefully more juniors will join next year.

1st was Jayden Rees with 46lbs 13ozs

2nd was Rocco Daniels with 30lbs

3rd was April Francis with 26lbs

All the Junior anglers thoroughly enjoyed their days fishing

The overall junior champion for 2018 is Jayden Rees with Rocco coming a fine second

Game Fishing Bye-Laws

Our Chairman Gary Davies has ask to circulate the following emails as widely as possible regarding the future of the taking of salmon and sea trout.  the first is from Mike Ashwin
Chairman  –  NWATFCC  North West Angling Trust Fisheries Consultative Council, the second is the text of an accompanied email from Chris White
Thank you for sight of the Claire Pillman letter that I had heard mentioned in previous correspondence.
The claims and statements highlighted in yellow by Chris need quashing, as CFPWF have been doing.
For Wales and England the Salmon byelaw process and timetable has been materially altered since April and NRW and the Welsh Minister need to get a grip of the current situation.
In March & April NWATFCC & CFPWF sought independent advice on the validity of current River classifications methodology and presented this to the Defra & Welsh Ministers in a letter of the 9th April from the CEO of the Angling Trust calling for suspension of the proposed bylaws and revising of the classifications system that underpins and frames C & R measures.
This contributed to NRW and the EA delaying/deferring their 2018 timetable – and noticeably neither organisation provided an explanation for doing so.
From an English perspective NWATFCC are fighting very hard in the last stages of the EA Consultation to see that the recommendations we made to the Minister are realised in what we understand will be an Autumn announcement of the Minister approved 2019 English byelaws.
Nearing the finishing line !  all the best
Mike Ashwin
Chairman  –  NWATFCC  North West Angling Trust Fisheries Consultative Council
Below is the text of an email circulated by Chris White
In my recent letter to Lesley Griffiths I made reference to a letter from Clare Pillman (CEO of NRW) to Lynne Neagle AM as it was obvious due to the detail contained in the letter that it had been drafted by a fisheries officer (Gough or Mee?) with perhaps a facsimile signature added as it seems unlikely that Clare Pillman would have such detailed knowledge on the issues around the proposed bylaws. 
In the attached letter you will see the claim that the reason NRW said there would be ‘no further debate’ was due to the fact that they are waiting on a response from the Cabinet Secretary (Lesley Griffiths), this was not made clear in the NRW press statement but is a convenient excuse.  You will have seen that in all the correspondence between the Campaign for the protection of Welsh fisheries (CPWF) and LG she has resolutely refused to meet with us, the major stakeholders.  If what is said in the letter to Lynne Neagle is true precisely how LG can make a measured decision on this issue is a mystery unless she accepts at face value what NRW tell her.  We have repeatedly challenged the supporting evidence in the NRW case and offered realistic alternatives which do not require further legislation.  We are not disputing the decline in fish stocks but anglers are not the root cause and NRW in an email exchange with CEFAS said that imposing C&R will have little effect on the number of spawners – but is worth doing.  The use of the 2015/2016 poor fry and parr counts as the basis of the need to apply draconian measure makes no reference to the significant flood events that did so much damage to recruitment in this period, the 2017/2018 fry and parr counts cannot support the need for such draconian action as there are signs of recovery on several rivers.
This situation should be brought to the attention of as many AM’s as possible.  In England the EA has listen to its objectors whereas NRW are hiding behind LG’s inaction and is trying to force through legislation, not based on objective evidence but on ideology and personal beliefs. 
Anglers must stand up for their rights, if apathy rules the proposals will be rubber stamped by LG resulting in a significant decline in migratory fishing in Wales – its time for action.  Please forward this to as many anglers as possible.

Coaches Competition- Sophie’s Pool Redhill Fishery 09/08/18

MTAA coaches had a day off and fished the first of 2 competitions on Sophie’s Pool at Redhill fishery near Monmouth.

All the coaches had a great day and fishing weights were fabulous.

1st was Rhys Evans with 225lbs 8oz

2nd Dave Couzons 136lbs 4oz

3rd Malcolm Williams 119lbs 4oz

4th Dai Davies 114lbs 8oz

5th D Jones 104lbs 1oz

6th Doug Hawkins 88lbs

7th Tony Rees 84lbs 8oz

8th John Coombs 72lbs

Rhys proved that his 100 of a couple of weeks ago was no fluke by netting 225lbs of carp the biggest of which was 12lbs a fantastic result by a fantastic young angler.   Malcolm is now making a habit of netting 100+ and Tony Rees thoroughly enjoyed himself using his old Richard Walker hollow fibre glass rod ( every time Tony hooked a carp on this rod the whole rod was slowly bending it has a lovely soft action with loads of power).