Senior Competition 27 May

This competition was held at Redhill fishery on Mollys pond.

1st was David Davies with 104lb

2nd was David Couzens with 97lb

3rd was Mark Sweeney with 93lb

4th John Combs 84lb

The next competition is on the Brecon Canal downstream of Brynach Locks the otherside of the aquaduct

Release of Water from Usk Reservoir for 10 days from 31 May 2018

For information and dissemination

Richard Allen (Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water) tells me that they are planning to release a large volume of water from Usk reservoir from Thursday onwards: ‘We need to drop the reservoir level to allow essential work to be carried out so we will be releasing around 180 Ml/d for around 10 days.‘ I understand that this will be abstracted at Prioress Mill, Usk town but it will boost flows through most of the river, substantially so in the upper and middle reaches.
He also said that due to the ongoing works for the new pumping station at Prioress Mill, Welsh Water will not be abstracting its full licensed capacity at Usk.

Removal of Merthyr Vale Weir

On the 29th May 2018, NRW, will begin the removal of Merthyr Vale Weir.   This will reduce the flood risk to the area and will provide greater development opportunities. NRW will also ensure that flood risk is not increased elsewhere by the work.

The weir at Merthyr Vale is a barrier to fish that migrate up the River Taff to spawn and produce juvenile fish, which helps boost stocks.

NRW will demolish the weir and remove the obstruction which will also improve angling opportunities by enhancing the quality and availability of fish in the river.

Over the last 15 years, NRW and their partners have invested millions of pounds to improve river habitats so they can support greater populations of native fish such as salmon, trout, eels and bullheads and improve the Ecological Status of the Taff under the Water Frame Work Directive.

The weir is the last remaining significant barrier and last impediment to realising the benefits of the work completed to date.

The work will begin on 29th May 2018 and take about 12 weeks to complete

Thomas Phillips Carp League Change of Rules

After some careful consideration, and a number of conversations Tony Rees (MTAA Treasurer) and I have decided that we are opening up the Thomas Philips Carp league to anyone who wants to enter the league. Members and Non Members.

I can appreciate that some people may not be happy with this, but as far as I am concerned we are not receiving the support that we should from our members so I am changing the rules. This is something that has never been done before in the club and it is something that I feel is necessary to get the support that this league needs.

Tony and a number of other committee members have left it up to me to decide how to approach this. My decision is that we will not be asking anyone to purchase a day ticket for any of the comps that they enter. Instead I want each competitor to pay £5 for entry. I will then use that money towards prizes at the end of the year.

For more info please see our website ( or contact me personally through messenger or call me on 07495355853

Tom Jehu

Carp Competitions Secretary

Senior Coarse and Carp Competition Results – Carp Away Trip

The senior coarse anglers fished Cyfarthfa Park lake on Sunday 13 May, it was a very tough day with mainly bream being caught.

1st with 4 bream Steve Hall with 14lbs 2oz

2nd with 4 bream Clive Saunders with 7lbs 10 oz

3rd was Dave Couzens with 7lb 10oz

4th John Coombs with 3lbs


Senior Carp League Report and Results

We had the second competition of the Thomas Phillips memorial carp league today. A very disappointing turn out again with only three competitors including myself.

Thanks to Shane Mac and Kirk Roberts for turning up. A very difficult day with the fish starting to spawn and also the weather didn’t help either.

Kirk was the winner today with 1 fish weighing 9lb 10oz. Shane came second with 1 fish weighing 8lb 13oz.

We all agreed prior to fishing that we would finish the comp early since Kirk needed to be gone before 15:00. We finished at 14:30.

Shane and I are continuing to fish until 18:00 as that was the original plan, but we are no longer fishing the competition. Since 14:30 Shane has landed another 2 fish and I have also landed 2 now. Shame they didn’t come along a little earlier! 😂

Request from Tom Jehu regarding the next carp competition

I need to start getting some names of people who are interested in fishing the next competition of the Thomas Phillips Memorial carp league on the 9th – 10th June.

The next comp will be our first away trip of the year. We will be fishing at The New Celtic Lakes on Lake 2 for a 24hr session. The price for each person is £30 and I will need that money from everyone within the next 2 weeks.

I will not be booking the pegs on the lake unless I receive people’s deposits!

Spread the word please guys as we really want a crowd of you there and anyone who needs to get a lift can contact me and I’m sure we can arrange to fit you in 👍