I have uploaded a petition, which our Chairman is strongly supporting, about Access.   The Countryside Alliance petition is in response to the Welsh Assembly Government once more opening the rivers and lakes to anyone and everyone to swim, canoe, etc in the Rivers, Lakes and Ponds for free.  We as fishermen are severely restricted in where we can fish and to fish anywhere we have to pay, through either a rod licence or day/season permits.   If we lose we will still be paying and everyone else will be using waters that we fish for free.   Please sign the petition it only takes a few moments and costs nothing but we need your signature


Fishing News

Cyfarthfa Park continues to fish well as shown on our facebook page where one young angler had 17 runs when fishing for carp and landed 15 carp.   Although the river is low, it has been fishing well especially during the evening.   However, this recent rain should mean a little extra water in the river and the fishing should improve even more so.


Inter Schools Winners

On Wednesday 5 Jul 7 Schools competed to become inter-schools champions 2017.   In a keenly fought contest the youngest team won.   Ysgol-y-Graig won with 3lbs 9oz, 2nd was Heolgerrig with 3lb 7oz and 3rd was Gellifaelog with 2lb 14oz.

Ysgol-y-Graig winning team were:

Alicia Minahan

Gracie Durkin

Riley Morgan

Sam Davies


Lots Happening / Ladies Comp / Rubbish Top Pond


The ladies fished the wooden horse part of the canal and all had a tremendous days fishing.

1st place Dawn Jones, with 14lb 1oz
2nd place Kath Brown with 7lb 4oz  (in her bag was a 3lb eel, it was huge)
3rd place Janice Farr with 7lb
Dawn’s winning net of fish



On Sunday Keith Jones did his usual litter picking around top and middle ponds and this is what he found, surely its not too much to ask for anglers to take there litter home with them its a dam sight lighter than when they carried it up to the pond. The fire remains are after some poachers who were moved on by Keith, Malcolm and Rhys thankfully at no cost to themselves. The two carp were found and removed from the neck of the pond