Cantref Catch evening 21/4/16 Ceri Thomas

I fished Cantref for the first time last Thursday night (21st).   Stopped by straight after work from Fishtec. The wind picked up, but despite this in calm areas off the top end roadside bank a few fish began to move for a brief spell, taking black buzzer off the top. I managed a lovely overwintered rainbow and two wild browines (both returned). Floating line and black woolly bugger did the trick. By 7.15 pm I had to leave, as it was seriously cold by then – I could barley feel my hands! Still, things are starting to wake up.


Cruelty to Ducks

One of our members was walking around Cyfarthfa Park Lake when he spotted a small stick, sticking up between the stones of the lake attached to which was a length of Mono line attached to a piece of sprung steel in an S shape.   This was baited with bread and obviously designed to be swallowed by a duck and then the perpertrator just pulled the line in and could take the duck.    We (the Association) have reported, and given the offending instrument to the Park Warden who in turn is informing the relevant authorities including the Wild Life Crime Officer for the area.    If members see anything like this in the future please take the offending instrument to the Museum for the staff to pass on to the Park Warden.

Duck Trap

Crucians caught by Tony Rees

The following crucians were caught by Tony Rees whilst fishing from Peg 2 this afternoon, Tony fished from 2.30 until 6pm, he landed 15 crucians, 1 goldfish, 1 bream as well as roach, rudd and perch.   Tony used a pole and double maggot bait.

Fishing Report for River Taff and Cyfarthfa Park Lake

Report By Ceri Thomas of Fishtec – 10/4/16

Spent a few hours on the Aberfan stretch of the Taff. Arrived at 1.00pm hoping to find hatch of LDO, MB’s and therefore rising fish. Airflo streamtec rod was rigged up with size 12 parachute Adams, my ‘go to’ dry for this time of year. Walked the banks looking for risers – and found some. Landed 6 nice fish, with each one spotted and targeted carefully with the dry. All in mint condition, each one in the 14 – 16 inch range and very strong. Missed, pricked and lost many more. Hatch and rise over by 3.00pm. Could have caught more by fishing nymphs blind, but what fun is that compared to a take off the surface!

Cyfarthfa Lake – 14/4/16

Malcolm Williams fished from peg 6 on the roadside of the lake and had an excellent days fishing catching Perch, Roach and Rudd.   Malcolm fished a waggler float and maggot hook bait

Fishing News 14 Apr

Cantref News

Hwyll Jones fished the far bank and landed a 2lb 2oz Rainbow Trout, he caught it on a gold head hares ear.   Gavin Jehu fished the neck of the reservoir and caught 6 rainbow/brown trout he returned them all.

Gavin Jehu and Dave Matthews are both trialling this weekend for the Welsh Bank fly fishing team and we wish them both the best of luck.



I have had a report that a young lad fishing the park lake last week caught 5 trout, whilst coarse fishing, he returned them all the water.   These have come into the lake via the feeder and are wild trout, we have not stocked the Taf Fechan for a long time.  If when fishing the park lake you catch trout they are to be returned to the water and not kept.



Local News – Cyfarthfa Park

Throughout 2016 we are inviting visitors to Discover Cyfarthfa and take part in our brand new heritage tours led by Park Warden Ian. Spaces are limited so if you would like to attend please book in now.
Saturday April 30th 2016

Discover Cyfarthfa- Flora and Fauna.
Spring has arrived at Cyfarthfa Park!
Join us to explore Cyfarthfa taking in the ponds, the newly restored Icehouse, underground water tunnel, meadows, the sensory garden, the bandstand and Cyfarthfa Castle. Our Park Warden will guide you through the tour providing a fascinating insight into the many varieties of plant and wildlife which call Cyfarthfa home. Record your findings- there may be a few surprises in store!

Tickets: £8 per adult (To include refreshments at the new Bothy Heritage Centre and free entry to Cyfarthfa Castle Museum and Art Gallery at the tour end). Approximately 2.5 hours.
Book now at Cyfarthfa Castle Museum and Art Gallery or contact us on 01685 727371.

Trecastle Competition

The competition to be held on the Usk Reservoir Trecastle has been cancelled.   It will be re-organised to be held later in the year.

Fishing News/Newsletter

Jordan Pearson and Luke Ashley braved the weather to fish Top Pond today Friday 8 Apr.    Jordan landed 4 carp, 2 common carp weighing 5lb and 8lb, a mirror carp of 6lb and a leather carp of 5lb.   Luke 1 common carp and 4 mirror carp.   Dave Cousins was practicing for the match on Sunday (draw at 8.30am) on Tuesday he landed 3 carp and 6 bream, today he landed 4 carp and 3 bream.

Malcolm Williams fished the park on Tuesday from 4pm until 7pm and caught 3 bream all about 3/4lb.   His chosen bait was sweetcorn, he said that he had to be very patient because bites were few and far between and the only bites he had he managed to land.

The River Usk at Mardy is fishing well at the moment and the March Brown is hatching.   This fly was also seen on the River Taff for the first time in the Troedyrhiw area.   Ron Jones was not sure if they were March Browns so he caught 2 and took them home to check and reported that they were, which is very good news for the River Taff.

Newsletter, the latest copy of our newsletter compiled by Tony Rees is available here……


I fished the reservoir on Tuesday and caught a small brown trout on a GRHE.   Whilst entering the reservoir I couldn’t help but notice the frogs gathering in the margins, plus a couple of dead ones that looked as if they had been eaten by an otter, have a look at the pictures below…….


dead frog