Although we are a freshwater angling association many of our members sea fish.  One is our Chairman Gary Davies who wrote to our Member Of Parliament Gerald Jones regarding the European Unions unfair treatment of recreational anglers fishing for bass.  To read our MPs reply click the link below.

Gerald Jones MP-Bass – 27-2-2016


Doug Hawkins fished the Canal near the Basin and had a fantastic day,  the water was clear and there was no flow (like fishing a pond Doug said).  Doug used his favourite float rod and a centrepin reel, waggler set up with bread hook bait.  He said it was one of the best days he has had on the canal catching roach and dace


David Davies fished Cyfarthfa lake on Wednesday the 10th February 2016.
It was the first fine day for a long time with the temperature peaking after mid day when he had his first fish a bream.
In total he caught five Bream and one chub of about 3lbs it is nice to know the chub are still in there.
He caught his last fish around 4 pm. Two came to sweet corn and the rest to a white small popup just off the bottom.


Tony Rees and I spent today supporting Country Side Alliance (Rachel) at the Lib Dem conference in Cardiff. It transpires that Labouris still intent on achieving OPEN ACCESS and they are going to bring it under the cloak of TOURISM. I have a feeling that none of the other parties want open access, Labour is intent on following their access manifesto which we have fought against these last (approx.) 12 years. As has been mentioned in the past please talk to your AM about free access, when we are paying, by purchasing our Rod Licences and our club fees or day tickets to fish. Of course the election in May will be the telling point, especially if Labour gets a majority.

A BIG thank you to Rachel from Country Side Alliance for the work which she is doing on our behalf and financial support from SACC (Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru)

Gary Davies

Chairman MTAA