Cyfarthfa Lake

National Resources Wales has introduced a new telephone number for any one to report incidents of pollution or poaching, the old 0800 number will continue to work for some time yet.   The number is…………….. 03000653000 if you see a pollution incident please take a photograph with your phone it may be needed to prove the incident took place.

Malcolm Williams fished from peg 7, using the top 3 sections of his pole, today 15 mar and from the start at 2-o-clock until he finished at 5pm he was catching roach and rudd every time he cast in.   Malcolm was using single maggot and feeding liquidised bread and maggots.   Malcolm said it was his best days fishing for silver fish for a long time.

Jonathan Walker fished Peg 1 on the lake using a squid and orange boillie landed a common carp of 16lb 4oz.


More summer carp

carp 1 carp 2

Summer Holiday Carp and Perch

The photos below are Jonathan Walkers catch from peg 1, the wind was blowing into this end of the park lake and lots of people had fed the ducks with bread.

The gallery below is of a catch of crucians caught by Tony Rees in a 4 hour pleasure session on peg 2 on Sunday 17/4/16

In case of pollution call 0800 80 70 60 and quote OS 039073

On Sunday the 20th March 2016 the Security at Cyfarthfa Park approached two young anglers and asked them to leave as the closing of the park was 6-15 pm. The one refused. The committee takes a dim view of this and when we find out who was responsible we will refuse him permission to fish the lake again. He also pretended that the Treasurer was his uncle. He refused to give his name or any details. The incident is being followed up.

Details of the park opening hours are below:

Open from Closing Time
April 6 AM 7-45 pm
May 6 AM 8-45 pm
June 6 AM 9-45 pm
July 6 AM 9-15 pm
August 6 AM 8-45 pm
September 6 AM 7-15 pm
October 6 AM 6-30 pm
November 6 AM 5-15 pm
December 6 AM 4-45 pm
January 6 AM 4-45 pm
February 6 AM 5-15 pm
March 6 AM 6-15 pm



Fishermen are advised when fishing the lake, if a swan takes an interest in your float or dives down to feed near your float/feeder please reel in and wait until the swan moves away, we don’t want to hook these magnificent birds

Day Tickets

  • Adults (two rods only) – £6.00
  • Juniors (two rods only) – £3.00
  • Tickets can be purchased from Cefn Newsagents


All Year


Maggots can now be purchased from the Pet Shop in town, they do not sell fishing tackle

Fishing Times

Fishing times are restricted to the official opening and closing times of the park, which vary due to the time of year. No member is allowed in the park after the closing times.

Fishing Methods

  • No Fly Fishing
  • No Spinning
  • No Float Bread Crust
  • All other legal baits are permissible (all baits to fish a minimum of 18″ below the surface. Consequently, no other floating or popped up baits are allowed)

Fishing Restrictions

  • Barbless hooks only
  • Knotless nets only
  • Keepnets NOT allowed except for competitions
  • EACH ANGLER MUST be in the possession of a suitable landing net and disgorger
  • Maximum ledger size is one ounce
  • Anglers to remain within 3′ of their rods when they have line in the water
  • No plastic bags, tins or cans
  • Make sure all food and drink is kept in proper containers
  • Any person found with litter on their peg will be expected to clean it up
  • Be sure to keep your tackle close to you and off the tarmac footpath where cyclists or walkers can damage it
  • Make sure there is no on behind you when casting
  • Make sure all litter and discarded line are picked up immediately and put in your bag, as it can easily be picked up by animals, birds, children and cause harm
  • Large carp are not allowed to be retained in keepnets, carp sacks, or by any other method and must be returned to the water immediately, except in bona fide competitions. When carp fishing you will need a landing net of at least 30”, and an unhooking mat.
  • Full members can fish from any peg numbered 1 – 46. Day permits can only fish from pegs 1 – 40 on the main road bank. Only wheelchair anglers may fish from the disabled platform adjacent to peg 33.
  • All American Signal Crayfish must be killed,  they are an invasive species and National Resourses Wales states that they must not be returned to the water.

Maps & Other Information

Parking is only allowed in the car park adjacent to the main entrance gates. Parking is not allowed on any verges or roads. Only orange/blue badge holders may park in the disabled parking area at the North West corner of the lake.